Don’t be stingy to say ‘Thank You’, ‘Love You’ to your partner

Expressing gratitude to one’s partner can improve a relationship. Mindless or autopilot thank you may not help it.

After a significant time of being together, people start to say “I love you” a lot less.

But those words should not be empty. Many people say I love you but don’t act likewise. 

Pay attention to the words and phrases mostly considered little. Most often, we just don’t notice their implications but their implications are huge.

Say I’ve been thinking of you. Say what you admire about them. Say you miss them. Comfort them. Assure them that you listen to them, that you think about them, that you pay attention to them.

Thank your partner. Tell them you love them. But don’t press them to say they love you in return. If they feel it, they will say it.

If your partner is sick, don’t need to have them ask you for help. You just realize and do it.  If they are sad, don’t make them ask for your hug. Just hug them. Don’t be oblivious, don’t make them feel lonely.

If they are excited, be excited. Mirror their feelings and emotions. Don’t make bad jokes. Don’t be stingy in emotions when they are obviously excited.

Are you the type of person to bury your emotions within yourself and cook the stew for the never-ending? Communicate honestly. Don’t bury your emotions.

Don’t be afraid to say I love you. Don’t be afraid to look silly. If they love you, they will act more silly in return. You can be closer with silliness.

Embrace each other as separate human beings with individual human beings lives, who simply happen to get along enough to bump along the road beside one another.

Then, reciprocal involvement and support in each other’s progress, even when things are tough or dangerous. But always complimentary, never complete. And always with compassion and caring.

You don’t need to fail in the appreciation department.

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